AI based product to automate the legal review process with Term/Topic Extraction, Summarization and Validating language against best practices.

Extract valuable data intelligently and efficiently

  • Select predefined clauses or input custom clauses for extraction, making the model self-learning
  • Clause Quality assigned to each clause after comparison with best practices
  • Extract hierarchies within paragraphs and cross-reference to other paragraphs in the same contract
  • Document Linkage to enable identification of all contractual documents linked to the two parties. E.g. MSA and SOWs, ISDA MSA and CSAs
  • Uncover hidden operational costs
  • Reduce time of audit/review of contracts and processes

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An AI product to support the credit decisioning function underpinning the Account Opening and Account Management business process of Retail Banking. Self learning capability to learning from feedback provided by domain experts.

Real-time credit decisioning:
Faster, better informed credit decisions through holistic and consistent risk assessment.

Predict Bad Debt:
Identify customers with increased risk of default in a specific future time period.


Deep Learning based product for cheque signature validation aimed at improving productivity and accuracy of signature matching.

  • Validation of cheque signature against reference signature
  • Digitised Matching with Manual Back-Up
  • Self-Learning Model aimed at improving signature validation accuracy and productivity


Right Steps - Data Masking:
Tools needed to substitute, scramble or otherwise obfuscate test data.

Right Steps – Customer Matching:
Finds potential duplicate records enabling organizations develop a single view of the customer.