AI based product to automate the legal review process with Term/Topic Extraction, Summarization and Validating language against best practices.

Extract valuable data intelligently and efficiently

  • Select predefined clauses or input custom clauses for extraction, making the model self-learning
  • Uncover hidden operational costs
  • Reduce time of audit/review of contracts and processes

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Right Steps Analytics (6 sigma based framework):
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics methods to build statistical models.

Right Steps - Credit Decisioning:
Faster, better informed credit decisions through holistic and consistent risk assessment.

Right Steps - Bad Debts Prediction
Identifies high-risk customers with probability of default in a specific future time period.


Right Steps - Data Masking:
Tools needed to substitute, scramble or otherwise obfuscate test data.

Right Steps – Customer Matching:
Finds potential duplicate records enabling organizations develop a single view of the customer.