Telecom companies are increasingly focused on process optimisation, multi-channel data integration and giving continuous customer value. From content acquisition to customer engagement and retention, the rules have changed dramatically.We help telecom companies simplify their businesses while maintaining the profitability, quality of service and customer experience. Empowered with analytical and consulting expertise, we enable our clients to - become profitable, take informed decisions and adapt to changing market trends.

  • Domain


  • Challenges

    1. High customer churn and low customer base

    2. Reducing market share and price sensitivity

    3. Call Drops and service quality

  • Solutions

    1. Customer profiling, product packaging and segmentation

    2. Identification of key product features for targeted sales

    3. Predictive Modelling

    4. Identify stress network operation points

    5. Subscriber capacity planning

  • Benefits

    1. Improving customer base, lifetime value & new product lines

    2. Product portfolio rationalisation

    3. Up-sell & Cross-sell strategies

    4. Optimised pricing strategies

    5. Improve manageability & serviceability of networks