Right Steps provides analytics and consulting services to help retailers increase profits, improve customer base and enhance operations in today's digital world. We partner with our clients to ensure analytics we deliver are operationalized and institutionalized to enable business users to make data-informed decisions. By analysing different aspects - people, technology, processes and infrastructure, we help deliver a company attain its stated vision, objectives and goals

  • Domain


  • Challenges

    1. Identification and retention of customer

    2. Inaccurate demand forecasting, high procurement cost

    3. Need for better stock management

    4. Reducing market share and price sensitivity

  • Solutions

    1. Customer profiling and segmentation

    2. Identify customer consumption & buying patterns

    3. Predict demand spike for better stock planning

    4. Determine levels of price sensitivity

  • Benefits

    1. Improve customer footfall and lifetime value

    2. Up-sell/Cross-sell strategies to increase revenue

    3. Reduce transaction cost and right size inventory

    4. Targeted sales and optimised pricing strategies