Manufacturing companies constantly aim for operational cost reduction, process improvement, capacity optimisation and operational efficiencies while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms.

Right Steps helps manufacturers focus on customer needs and product innovation by ensuring that their

  • Sales and Marketing channels are effective with a better understanding of the customer and products.
  • Supply Chain functions can manage stock and demand while optimising logistics function.
  • Operations function have robust operational practices and efficiencies with increased output, improved utilisation and reduced quality rejections.

With our analytical models coupled with our consulting expertise, we can help clients grow and prosper in today's highly competitive marketplace

  • Domain


  • Challenges

    1. Increasing Costs and Pricing pressures

    2. Fluctuating customer demand

    3. Inventory delays and waste

    4. Falling revenues and pricing pressures

  • Solutions

    1. Identify quality issues, risk analysis and predict defective batches

    2. Models to manage uncertainty and develop effective distribution strategy

    3. Determine levels of price sensitivity

    4. Product packaging based on segmentation

  • Benefits

    1. Lower quality rejections and reduced cost of carry

    2. Deterministic approach to inventory management

    3. Up-sell & Cross-sell strategies

    4. Product portfolio rationalisation

    5. Optimised pricing strategies